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COOSII P80C Bluetooth Headphones Wireless with Dual Microphone for Home Office Online Class, Over Ear Soft Stereo Headsets, 40H Playtime for Laptop Chromebook Cellphone Skype Zoom Calls-Without Dongle?

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20th Nov 2020

Ok, I decided on the headphones.

$60 headset – I had them on for about 15 minutes and decided I didn’t like them. The main thing was that the mic didn’t work. Yes, probably a specific issue with that set, and I could have gotten a replacement, but the comfort of these headphones wasn’t great. I seem to be wearing these nearly all day and if these were the least comfortable, they aren’t going to work.

$80 headset – These were actually the best sounding and had a slightly better mic than the $120 set. However, there were a few things that I didn’t like. These things are absolutely massive and I didn’t like the bulk on my head. Also, they needed a USB dongle that was huge attached to my work computer and that was a no go for me. If it was a slim dongle, that would be one thing, but this thing was as big as an old school USB thumb drive.

$120 heatset – This is the set that I decided upon, but they aren’t perfect. They are Bluetooth so I can have them attached to my phone and work laptop all day long. One of the biggest things is that they have a charging stand so I don’t have to plug in a cord. The sound is OK, but a bit heavy on the bass. Mic is just a slight step down from the Logitech above, but perfectly good. Pretty comfortable as well. I wish the sound was a bit more balanced and bright. The ANC sounds like I’m listening through a tin can. Also, when I’m speaking, there is no pass through sound (I can’t hear my own voice through the speakers) so I sound muffled which is a bit aggravating. The company says that they are working on a firmware upgrade to all pass through sound for the mic, but it isn’t ready yet. Amazon’s return window is open through the end of January so I have all the packing materials and box and stuff in my closet in case I decide to return them.

So, there we go.

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18th Nov 2020

The $60 headset that I just got is a no go. There is a mute button on the mic that wasn’t working so these are going back. When I did a test recording, the $120 headset right now is the leader. The recording is much better.

I still need to try an $80 headset as well.