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Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow King Size Bed Pillows for Sleeping – Adjustable Cross Cut Memory Foam Pillows – Washable White Cover from Bamboo Rayon – CertiPUR-US/GREENGUARD Gold Certified?

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24th Apr 2021

I charge under 30 a night and our beds are the target 400 tc thresholds and these coops for pillows.(link below)

I too don’t understand some hosts. I’m like I charge less than all y’all most likely and I still get nice sheets and pillows and shit. Anyways point is blame the host and not the price! Lol.

I wouldn’t say im quite to sheet snob level but I’ve not really experimented with all the different styles. Whats your bed rocking right now? I’ve had some percale ones I liked and these 500 tc ones I got from target are pretty nice. I’ve barely touched the surface as far as I know :p. Share your knowledge. Lol.


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18th Feb 2022

I’m a member of linear gang, and have been tinkering with my 180 over the past couple days. I too found the sound to be a bit hollow? plasticky?

So I got a bright idea, I have this pillow with adjustable foam inside that I think worked -wonders-! Video is after adding the foam with lubed and filmed lavenders and ABS keycaps from EnjoyPBT (I apologize, I don’t have a before vid because I’m dumb and taking this thing apart is kindof a pain).

Would love feedback! Such a great board overall and the feel is great, sound was the one sore-spot with linears especially but I think it is -soooo- much better.

Link to pillow in question for those interested

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14th Jan 2019

I bought this pillow in the Fall. I leave for work about an hour before my wife so she gets to sleep a bit more. She was stealing the pillow everyday for that one hour and I’d take it back before bed. Ended up just buying her one too.

It is an amazing pillow. I cannot stress how much better I sleep now with it. I feel like before I had it I was sleeping wrong somehow. Now it’s so much different. Get this thing it’s worth every penny.

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22nd Jul 2020

I’m using the Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow (King Size).

An important note: I had bad neck pain after getting the pillow, and it was due to not using enough stuffing provided with it. If you have broader shoulders and sleep on your side you may need all the stuffing it comes with. Less for other sleeping styles.

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27th Jan 2019

This Coop pillow on Amazon deserves all the high ratings it gets. Bought one for myself, and then one for my wife, who is VERY picky about pillows. We both love them! They are very well made, professionally packaged and stay cool when you sleep. They are stuffed with shredded memory foam and some kind of synthetic fiber. Very comfortable and terrific support. The manufaturer ships them with extra stuffing so you can unzip the pillow and add/subtract the stuffing to meet your needs. Comes with a zippable exterior slip cover too.


No hesitation whatsoever in recommending . . .



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28th Jun 2021

Finally got a chance to look back at my history on break.

This should be the one I got. $65 for a king sized one, pretty good deal imo.