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Coop Home Goods Full Body Pillow – Memory Foam, Zippered Washable Cover – Adjustable, Long, Firm, Snuggle Pillows For Side and Back Sleepers – Premium, Big, Soft, GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Size 20×54?

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13th Mar 2018

I got this one in May 2015 off amazon. It’s a little cheaper than the one you linked. Not sure if their quality has changed in 2.75 years, but mine is still holding up well and it’s appreciably longer than a standard body pillow and HEAVY as all get out. 10/10 would snuggle nightly

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26th Jun 2021


I really like this one. You can also buy more stuffing and add to it depending on how firm you want it

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13th Aug 2016

the only one i have any experience with is https://www.amazon.com/Original-Shredded-Memory-Viscose-derived/dp/B00OKY8BOY/

was worth the $70 imo, any of the shredded memory foam pillows should be good i’d think

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18th May 2015

Body pillows are great. This is the one I use; by Coop Home Goods and uses shredded memory foam:


It’s not inexpensive at $80, but worth it!

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5th Feb 2015


pricy, but provides amazing snuggles.