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Cooling Gel Cervical Neck Pillow for Pain Relief Sleeping – Ventilated Blue Memory Foam – Orthopedic Contour Pillow for Side, Back, Stomach Sleeper – Ergonomic Neck and Shoulder Support Pillows?

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20th Dec 2021
Cooling Gel Cervical Neck Pillow for Pain Relief…$49.95$49.954.0/5.0


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20th Dec 2021

Recommendations after my spiel at the bottom.

I have been trying to find a good “cool” pillow for a while. I found one a while back which I wasn’t sure about because it has some memory foam (which as most people know, memory foam seems to absorb and/or retain heat which sucks for people who want a cool pillow). But this one I found Z Gel Infused Dough Memory Foam.

It has this gel pad on the one side (later on they made a two sided gel one) on top of this blue smooth/rubbery memory foam and seems to keep pretty cool at least at first. Over time while your laying on it you will have to move the pillow or your head to get to new cool spots. But works WAY better then my old memory foam pillow (that I think a relative gave me). Only problem is, they stopped making it, and they stopped making the double sided gel one. From some reviews I found it seems like the gel part would come off over time (mine has never had that problem but you can see how the gel is kinda moving around within the pad over time). It’s also losing its loft (how big it is when your laying on it) and it was a mid loft when I first got it which seemed almost to tall.

So for the past year I have been trying to find a good cooling pillow and so far my searches online have been the same old ones. Most of them just using memory foam claiming to be cool. Granted I haven’t tried any of them (cause some are over a $100 in price) but just cause I don’t want to waste money on one only to have to return it cause it doesn’t stay cool etc.

I have seen the purple pillow and at first I was interested, but then I remembered that report that came out a while back about the purple mattress and the possible “toxic” powder found in it. But after some more researching it kinda sounds like it was made by someone with a competitive mattress/pillow company or something? And with the pillow you can take it out after you get it and wash all the powder off of it if you want and they claim it’s non toxic (though it is basically more micro plastics which we already have to many of those everywhere). But I finally decided to order one the other day and will try it out when I get it. I have heard it is kinda short (though it comes with booster pads to make it taller) and heavy (who cares), but also sounds like it might be a bit to firm vs regular pillows. And has a smell at first (just air it out a few nights outside). But it apparently keeps your head cooler cause of the grid. So I will try it out and see if I like it. But if that doesn’t work I might look into the new purple harmony pillow that has that honeycomb pattern of rubber but with a latex type of middle section.

And since my mattress I got a few years ago is a latex type of mattress (which so far seems great just heavy) and seems to stay cooler then regular mattress’s, a latex pillow might be good at staying cool to maybe. But I have heard it has a smell and you can’t really wash that pillow (maybe a little bit on the surface) and with a price tag of $143 right now that’s a bit much for a pillow. But from the reviews I have heard it sounds really nice, just doesn’t really keep your head cool like they claim.

After reading your post though this pillow came to mind which I found a few days ago when doing some searching: Cooling Gel Cervical Neck Pillow for Pain Relief Sleeping

They also sell it in a high density foam if you click the drop down thing on the page I listed.

Otherwise there is the pillow cube

Otherwise a pillow you might want to consider that might work best for you is the Coop Home Goods
which seems to allow you to adjust how much fill you want in your pillow if you want more or less. Which might be what you want for you saying how you want a taller pillow but also more support possibly?

I saw the buckwheat pillow when I did my searching but from the sound of it they also put in sunflower shells etc and idk how I feel about shells being in my pillow, though never tried it.

I wouldn’t go with a mypillow since the owner is an coked up idiot and only good thing I heard about his pillows was his travel sized one which some people like for when they go on trips cause it doesn’t take up much room. I never plan to order one of his pillows since it’s all just marketing.