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Cooler Master SK622 Wireless 60% Sliver White Mechanical Keyboard with Low Profile Red Switches, New and Improved Keycaps, and Brushed Aluminum Design?

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28th Nov 2020

Be aware that those flat keycaps are going to make touch typing more difficult – at least until you get used to them. Reviews on the smaller, wireless version of this keeb had lousy reviews specific to the flat keycaps (which they boast of as a “feature,” oddly enough), and they’ve already come out with "improved" keycaps for some of the boards.

Also, if you were interested in using different keycaps down the road, you’d be limited because the switches are low profile, so you could not use regular Cherry MX compatible keycaps. Worse, those are not double-shot keycaps, so I’d be concerned if the black wears off, leaving you with big white blobs that look awful, and no means of replacing the keycaps.