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Cooler Master MK730 Tenkeyless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Brown Switches, Cherry MX, RGB Per-Key Lighting and Removable Wrist Rest?

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23rd Sep 2021

I recommend this one because everything about it is just perfect for the price point. It’s a great first mechanical keyboard. Blue switches for clicky, brown for quieter.


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16th Sep 2019

The keyboard! You can get a MUCH nicer mechanical keyboard for a slightly higher cost.

I have this and it is really really good. I would recommend the cherry mx brown switches as they are a good middle option. Just beware. If you get him this, you could send him down the deep dark hole that is mechanical keyboard obsession/collection.

Also the mouse, I know you’re trying to keep things cohesive with the razer stuff but in my opinion this is a better value and a nicer mouse.

Buy the keyboard and mouse from amazon, it is super simple to return and the most subjective element of the build. If he doesn’t like it, he can send them back easily. Remember, he will interact with those two items more than anything except the monitor.

After the gift, have him check out /r/MechanicalKeyboards and /r/MouseReview for an in depth look.


Great gift! Lucky guy.

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11th Sep 2019

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17th Jul 2019

Been looking for a great TKL keyboard for gaming and typing,
willing to forgo RGB for quality and build, but having RGB and programmability is nice… Hard to decide what I like more.

I’ve been looking and narrowed it down to around 4 keyboards:

edit: I should mention that I am a fan of Red/Silent Red switches