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Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M White LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry MX Blue, TenKey (Medium)?

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27th Oct 2018

> I have a 980m for work and it’s fantastic.

I’m happy to hear that sort of positive endorsement, means a lot when choosing to part ways with $120 ha

Nah, at work I have a CODE 104-key from WASD because I didn’t have to pay for it. lol

I’m definitely leaning towards the FC980M. I do wish it had backlighting but that’s not a dealbreaker.

I’m also considering the Cooler Master Medium Tenkey but I don’t like that the arrow keys are Fn keys intergrated into the numberpad even though I rarely use the arrow keys anyway so doesn’t really matter

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7th Oct 2017

I just bought one of Amazon.ca. 4 left in stock.


EDIT: Durr, didn’t realize you wanted the RGB version. You might just have to settle for the white.

It’s pretty good, but a little stiffer than my other mx blue switches.

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15th Dec 2016

You could stick with mechanical, but get a compact one like this:


I just picked up a Cooler MasterKeys Pro M compact mechanical with Cherry MX brown switches, full numpad, but no separate arrow keys. Its about 1/2″ wider than “tenkeyless” but gives you the full numpad which is essential for Excel and stuff like that. Press numlock to change to arrow keys for gaming.

Has white LED lighting, not the RGB nonsense. Its wonderful.

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8th Jan 2017

I’m stuck between choosing a CM Masterkeys Pro M or a Cherry MX Board 3.0 or a Rosewill RK9000v2 (If it gets back in stock by tomorrow on Amazon SOLD BY AMAZON). Which one should I get?

Or should I cheap out and go with this Perixx keyboard?

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15th Apr 2020

I’m no keyboard expert and there’s a lot on the market. I use a Coolermaster Masterkeys because I wanted a keyboard with Cherry MX Blues, no RGB, and no software required. It’s a wonderful, well built keyboard with plain white backlighting, and has held up quite well. They do have an RGB variant which can be run with or without software. It comes in at $108 on Amazon. I’ve linked the RGB model, if that’s his cup of tea.


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2nd Feb 2018

If you’re set on nice rgb lighting, check out the Ducky Shine.

If you’d like a gaming themed brand, check out Cooler master’s offerings.
EDIT: I’m a big fan of the Pro M in specific.

It works like really old keyboards did 30+ years ago. The num pad block switches between the navigation (arrow) cluster and a numeric pad. Actually, that’s what numlock was originally intended for, it’s kind of useless these days.

They have normal variants if you’re not into that.

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19th Sep 2017

The Masterkeys Pro M is basically the new version of the Quickfire TK. Or you can look for a 96 key board, such as the YMD96 that is hitting now, the Mekee 96 gb just ended. There is this group buy going on now but it is not cheap.. Or if you have children or extra organs you want to sell, you can try and find a ZZ96, a Duck Lightsaver, or the Kira that is supposed to be coming from Input:Club eventually.

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8th May 2017

A bit old, but figured I’d follow up since someone else asked a similair question.

For keyboards with Cherry MX Blue in 100$ or less range here is a few.

> Corsair STRAFE Cert. Refurb. 49.99

> Corsair Vengeance K70 Cert. Refurb. 99.99

> Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M White LED 89.99

> Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L White LED 89.00

> And for more options click here for the pre-search PCPP link.

> Edit: Something to note is that Corsair does not use what is called a standard bottom row, meaning if/when you ever replace your keycaps with new keycaps, than the bottom row may need to stay the same due to space bar being longer and such.

Whoops didn’t see the “under 40$” just saw the title, welp, for anyone who does want a under 100$ mech keyboard here y’all go, and to /u/occyFN that Certified Refurbished STRAFE is about 10$ over budgety, but if you can stretch, you get a very decent keyboard.

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31st Mar 2017

Yes, Microcenter should have mechanical keyboards and they have corsair keyboards you can try out before purchasing.

For keyboard w/ a pad, I would try the K70 from corsair, or perhaps the Masterkeys PRO M