What is the opinion of Reddit about the
Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L White LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry MX Blue, Full Size (Large)?

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13th Oct 2017

My friend has the TKL version of this and loves it.



MX Blue version is cheaper but OOS at Amazon. RGB versions have $30 rebate on Newegg and Amazon but are more expensive overall.

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6th Jun 2017

It really depends. After Cherry’s patent expired, a lot of Chinese companies started making imitation switches.

Some people say they can feel the difference, others say they feel exactly the same or even a bit better. That’s up to you.

Cherry MX Blue Switches and White Backlight:


Imitation Blue Switches and White Backlight:


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30th Dec 2016

What size board are you looking for? (Fullsize, TKL, 60% etc.)

For fullsize, I’d go with the MasterKeys Pro L white, Ducky One. For RGB there’s the MasterKeys Pro L

For TKL, there’s the MasterKeys Pro S

For 60% there’s the backlit Pok3r.