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Cooler Master Devastator II – Green LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo (SGB-3032-KKMF1-US)?

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8th Dec 2017

$29.99 on Amazon.

I’d check CM’s website as they almost always have rebate options.

Also THE full "RGB" version is $29.99 after MIR

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16th Nov 2019

I got the devastator 2 for $20 and been using for 3 years and it’s my favorite keyboard and mouse. I think the Dev 3 is out now for like $40 but I don’t really care about upgrading when I have is fine. You can still get the Dev 2 for $27 on Amazon



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22nd Sep 2017

$100? my kb+m cost me 25 cad (on sale) and i can crouch jump fine lol

this one if you’re curious