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Convenience Concepts French Country Bookshelf Ladder, Dark Walnut / Black?

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24th Jul 2020

I have one similar to this. It fits 5 across and 2 stacked on every row. I got mine from kohl’s but this looks similar. Lots of different ones and different prices.

Convenience Concepts French Country Bookshelf Ladder, Dark Walnut / Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XY32MQT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_mZJgFb0DPHFDV

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8th Jul 2021

Just gonna go from left to right

Nightstand: Walmart – Mainstays Side C Table

Bed frame: Handmade

Sheets: picked up a while back at target, unsure which ones exactly. They’re just basic cotton sheets in a darker gray color.

Comforter: Nautica basic dark blue comforter I picked up from Bed Bath & Beyond a couple years ago

Ladder Bookshelf: Amazon. Made from real wood not pressed wood, very easy to assemble

Top shelf figurine:KAWS Together Vinyl Figure Grey. I was fortunate enough to pick these up for retail, unfortunately they resell for around $1.2k. If you really like the piece but don’t want to spend that much, you can find “replicas” for a 10th of that price online.

2nd shelf plant: Moon Cactus that I got from Home Depot

Lower shelf: scented wax melter from I believe BB&B. The green shiny pot is just from Ross, there’s unfortunately no branding on it. To the right of that is a succulent arrangement that’s hard to see, but also from Home Depot.

Dresser: Amazon. I mentioned somewhere else in the comments, but it’s a miracle this survived shipping undamaged. It arrived with each box ripped open, looked like it had been dropped off the back of a truck. Honestly it’s my least favorite piece in the room, but it is growing on me.

Speakers: Apple HomePod x2. Unfortunately these were recently discontinued. Truly incredible sound and great design, but I’m also a huge fan of all things Apple.

Left plant: Aloe Vera plant. In this pic it was potted in the bottom part of a box that one of the HomePods came in (lol) but it’s since been put in this pot from Home Depot. Looks a lot better in that pot.

Right plant: Snake Plant in the same pot it came in from Home Depot.

Let me know if there’s anything I missed or if you have any questions!