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Contrast Color PBT Mechanical Keycaps for MX Switch Mechanical Keyboards, Low Profile 104 Buttons Thick Gaming Key Cap (Black Gray)?

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25th Jun 2021

I don’t have the Keychron k3 you have, and I’ve heard sometimes the bottoms of keycaps will bottom out on that board.

They bothered to do cherry stems, but then they made it a weird layout.

Bottom row is uncommon. Alt, FN and Control on the right side are not 1.25U.

It’s also worth mentioning I saw someone mention the stabilizer position is in a weird spot too? The stabilizer position might only be an issue on one of the key types, because there are both the options of gateron mechanical and optical switches. My bet is that the optical ones might have the less standard stabilizer positioning, but this might apply to both. I only found a couple of posts mentioning this issue though.

If you want to take a chance (And I assure you, those Alt, FN, and Control keys on the right would not be the correct size) you can try these which aren’t anywhere near as low a profile, but lower than most PBT options on the market.

I use these on low profile outemu switches and have been pretty happy with them.