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Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Driving Seat Reclinable with Gear Shifter Mount?

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4th Sep 2020

Looks AWESOME MAN! My rig looks similar but I dont have a monitor stand, I just move the whole thing in front of the TV haha but its been damaging the inner locking mechanism, so sometimes the pedals push out from me when braking too hard for long periods of time and then I have to re tighten:

I have this set, not the best, yours looks better:


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4th Sep 2020

Hey thanks for your reply! I have this cheap rig, and its very uncomfortable around the shin area. Also the seat has started to slip away from the pedal and wheel stand during hard braking, even after tightening the connecting tube hard.

I think the GT omega would fit in well with the racing style seat i already have. I know you mentioned it is sturdy, but does it wiggle at all? Did you hard bolt your pedals to the base? I have the LC CSLs and i can feel my rig twisting when I have to brake hard.

Thank you in advance!