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Confidence Power Plus 600W Motorized Electric Folding Treadmill Running Machine (Black)?

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6th Nov 2015

I just kinda winged it. First I bought this treadmill. It’s great for walking, not so much for running. I removed the handles, so I can slide the walking belt in and out of my desk as need be.

Secondly, I have a super huge, heavy desk and couldn’t adjust the height. But I wanted to be able to sit down sometimes as well. So I grabbed some 1×4 wood planks and made this cheap weird table looking thing that I could place on my desk, and then place my monitors and keyboard/mouse on. I don’t have pictures but I can take some later if you’d like. While using the treadmill, I’m usually resting my forearms on the elevated table so I don’t worry about not paying attention and wobbling over the side.

I did this all in an apartment with no workshop, too. I had Home Depot cut them to the length I needed and then I bought some brackets and drilled/screwed all the stuff together. With the treadmill and wood costs I think it came to $220 at most.

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5th Aug 2016

How about a treadmill desk? I have a DIY treadmill desk and made an instructional disassembly youtube video about it. I am literally walking on it now at work as I type this. It’s $200 for a small electrical treadmill. You can disassemble the arm bars and turn it into a landing strip that slides under any desk. When I want to switch to standing I just stand still on the treadmill. I’ve put in thousands of miles on this thing with mild incline walking and love it.

Here is a link to the amazon page

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18th Aug 2015

What this guy’s standing on: https://i.imgur.com/JJsClzl.jpg


$200. Free shipping. Bare-bones. Gotta unscrew the panel, stick something in the speaker hole to quiet it down (like the nub of a toothpick + tape). He takes the speaker off entirely here, but that’s not necessary. I kept the rails on. Used it to carry into work like a briefcase. ~50lbs.

I really just stand at a shelf at work with a laptop. No “desk,” per se. Treadmill just fits under the counter.