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Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray, QooWare 47″ Writing Desk w/Storage Shelves & Monitor Stand Riser for Desktop, Large Desk Space Wooden Study Table for Home Office [ Upgraded Version]?

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14th May 2021

It seems like trays run on amazon for about $40-$50. The desk here ive been looking at link runs at about $140. The desk is 29 inches tall, and looks to have a keyboard tray thats about 25 inches long. It would make sense to have a tray that can fit both keyboard and mouse right as one arm would be elevated and the other wouldn’t. I need a new desk anyways, but do you have a recommendation of what to do? Rec for lower desk or desk w/keyboard tray or keyboard tray thats long and reasonably priced for desk I already have. Thanks!