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Completely Bare Go Fuzz Free Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor- Anti-Aging, All Natural Vitamin E, Willow Bark & Sunflower Oil, Slows Hair Regrowth, Cruelty-Free & Paraben-Free, Vegan Formula 1.7 oz?

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18th Jul 2019

For me I am getting those because of hair growth. Between the depo shot, hormones, and having had laser the growth is slow but enough that after a while I get bumps where they are as the makeup firms up on my skin.

I have started using this face moisterizer, and while it has only been a few days I have noticed a difference. I was actually able to go a day without shaving after using it right after shaving. I also tend to shave in the shower, as I feel this gets me the closest shave to begin with.