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19th Aug 2017

If you are doing 170 on machine presses, you won’t lose any size by switching over to push-up variations. Same with switching from lat pulldown to pull-ups. If you weighed 210 and benched 250 lbs with a barbell and did lat pulldowns with 200+ lbs, and those were clean reps with good form, then you could worry about losing size. Judging by your current weight and the poundage you use, it sounds to me like you’ll look about the same but get healthier. Machine presses aren’t that versatile and frankly they make me feel like shit compared to a dumbbell press. And don’t worry at all about poundage with your curls. The biceps don’t need a lot of weight to be worked for hypertrophy. Do some chins and order a few pairs of cheap dumbbells off Amazon.

I like the book C-Mass, which is all about building some size with bwf exercises. The writing is a little dogmatic but on the whole I think the author is correct.

This book is useful, too: https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Calisthenics-Ultimate-Bodyweight-Training/dp/1905367546

Tip: On days where you don’t feel like doing variations, you can wear a weighted vest or backpack and give a few sets of basic pushups a little more resistance.

Finally, the old school bodybuilder Dave Draper had a home and travel routine based on bwf and dumbbells alone, and it only involved push-up variations for chest. The dumbbells were used for overhead pressing, curls, squats, and triceps work. If that guy could use his own weight a few sets of dumbbells without worry, then you will be fine.

edited to give a shout out to Dave Draper

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2nd Feb 2019

Two things: first, check your bike fit, especially seat height and bar height. I know a lot of people here are all about low, flat, bars, but if you are just getting started, it takes a while to get both the mobility and strength to stay that low for long periods of time, even on the bar flats, let alone in the drops. “Bike fit advisor” on YouTube helped me a lot. Or get fitted if you have the coin.

Second, if you want to build strength, do calisthenics. Push ups, dips, chin-ups, planks, and crunches to start. You need to hold up you body weight, so do body weight exercise. Also, bulking through weight training kind of goes against what you need for cycling endurance. These exercises help build mobility and strength in your entire upper body. I highly recommend “Complete Calisthenics” here

I hope you get some relief!

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18th Nov 2017
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19th Jun 2015

i’ve not read this but the reviews make it sound really great. plus the price is right.