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Comodo Original Luxury Body Pillow CMD9900LS High-End Class Dakimakura Pillow [Made in Japan] (20 x 63 inch (160cm x 50cm))?

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30th Jan 2019

The cover is quite a nice piece of art, I would have picked one up myself if my budget was more generous.

Some people like to display their covers on walls in a manner similar to posters and wall scrolls. There are DIY magnet based setups that have been covered on the sub for display purposes that you could look into if intereseted.

In regards to that pillow I would advise against it due to the size difference. The lacking ~8cm will make the cover look daggy on the pillow and based on the weight I don’t think it would be all that great. If you are in the US this would be your best bet at a cheap but still decent inner. People have had some complaints about it compared to other pillows as detailed in my guide but its still going to be better than the other cheap options on Amazon.

Sorry about the confusion with CO, I accidentally typed inner instead of cover. What I was intending to say was that you can buy a blank cover from there and fill it with polyfill to make a DIY inner. If you want to just stuff the polyfill directly into the actual inner that is also an option.

I have made some other posts in this tread regarding taking care of your cover to avoid unintended damages. Its mostly covering personal grooming but I would say to check it out if you are planning to use the cover and are afraid of damaging it. I know that my first cover took quite a beating because I was not quite aware what was causing damage to my cover.

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6th Jan 2019

So I bought a COMODO pillow from Amazon ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DFJWW86?ref=yo_pop_ma_share ) and whenever I sleep with my daki the cover shifts around. The cover is a 2 way tricot, and I was wondering if there was something to keep the cover from shifting around when in use. I tried searching for an answer and I couldn’t find anything, I might be bad at searching lol.

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9th Dec 2019

Thanks so much for the help. for the Inners I ended up getting this one from amazon that my friend recommended. It’s leagues better than anything I have had so far because I had a $20 not filling inner before. The outside is fuzzy and grips the Dakimakura outside I have but it does slide around and get wonky. This is also probably because my outer casing is also really cheep and was $30.

The inner fluff for the amazon one is really fluffy and dense (for my first real inner pillow) but it does have some bunching but its not very noticeable. The fluff is building up at the top and the whole pillow is slightly shifted to one side vs a flat pillow. If this is normal then oke if its not and I can get a better pillow for the price plz give me recommendations. I’m looking for anything that is better priced under $100 including shipping


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16th Mar 2019

So I’m new to this whole thing, but I’ve been doing some lurking and reading. I’m not sure I’m the daki type, but I am a fan of VNs so I have some familiarity, and after backing some VN kickstarters I do have 1-2 dakis coming my way at some point in the future.

At the very least, I’m interested in getting a decent inner. I am a side sleeper who likes to cling onto pillows while sleeping and it seems like some of the inners that get used for dakis are pretty high quality and great for sleeping.

After a cursory search, I see some possibilities:




Inner from Dakimakuri

I know my options go up quite a bit if I were look at Japanese Amazon or other Japanese online storefronts. However, that seems a little daunting for me, and for convenience’s sake, and I think I’d prefer to stick with US storefronts.

Being a newbie, I don’t think I have a good handle on what qualities I’m specifically looking for. Something soft, uniform and with decent longevity would probably be good.

So, any thoughts about the inners I listed? Any alternative recommendations?

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7th Feb 2019

If you look at the images from the customer reviews, you can see how cheaply the pillow is made. They showcase a lumpy, loosely filled pillow, stating their issues with the thin fabric, poor stitching and overall poor QC. It is unfortunately a cheap and generic Chinese pillow, not that all Chinese pillows are bad. They tend to be cheap because they use thin fabrics and a coarse fill that would initially fill out the pillow without adding too much weight. But, after vacuum packing and shipping, it doesn’t usually fluff back to full size because of the relatively small amount of fill. It’s easier to make and import pillows that are lightweight.

Considering your budget, you can do better by grabbing yourself the COMODO CMD9900LS – Amazon Link (sold by GIFU SEINOU TRADING)

It’s a well-known brand from Japan. Though at 160cm, 150cm cases can fit on it with relatively no issue, assuming that’s the size of case you have. The pillow won’t stretch the case so much as it will be soft enough to squeeze into it. It’ll only give a slightly firmer, fuller feel to the pillow. Though some express concern it may increase the chance of damage to the case, I find it negligible enough with COMODO’s pillows. With a more expensive pillow like A&J’s DHR6000, it may be an issue as they are filled more generously.

If it does concern you, they do have 150cm variants, the CMD9150 and the CMD9950MS (higher quality). I didn’t mention those first because they were recently available on Amazon by the storefront GIFU SEINOU TRADING around $70-80 with Prime shipping (same as linked above), but not atm. You could contact the seller to see if and when they’ll import more.

Otherwise you can purchase an empty case and fill it yourself, such as this one specifically design to be an inner case by dakimakuri – dakimakuri Link. If you take the time to properly fill it, the end product would be better than the pillow you were originally looking at.

The difference between a good and bad inner is like day and night, as seen in this recent post on this reddit- Reddit link

The left one is just a regular western body pillow, so several inches shorter, but the Chinese one would be similarly flat. The right one is a CMD9150. The cover is fitted snuggly onto the inner. The cover should not wrinkle much when holding it.

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10th Feb 2020

What is the opinion (I guess comparison of quality?) of Dakimakuri’s inner pillow compared to the inners like the DHR6000, DHR7000, Marshmellow, CMD9900, and withAqua.

I wanted to avoid proxies so I was looking at the CMD9900 from Amazon when they are in stock. https://www.amazon.com/COMODO-Original-CMD9950MS-High-End-Dakimakura/dp/B07DFJWW86/ , and Dakimakuri’s 4.4 Kg inner.

If the quality is drastically different I would go through a proxy to buy a good inner.

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12th Feb 2019

I am a first time buyer and just pre-ordered Maidoll’s Reika cover https://maidoll.booth.pm/items/1215934


I have been doing some research on an inner pillow and came up with three options:

  1. COMODO CMD9900LS: https://www.amazon.com/COMODO-Original-CMD9900LS-High-End-Dakimakura/dp/B07DFJWW86/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1550005417&sr=8-1&keywords=CMD9900LS
  2. dakimakuri pre-order https://dakimakuri.com/shop/item/inner
  3. DHR6000 (anyone know if this is legit?) https://www.amazon.com/Dakimakura-body-pillow-original-DHR6000/dp/B00CFG0B3I/ref=sr_1_6?s=bedbath&ie=UTF8&qid=1550007371&sr=1-6&keywords=dakimakura

Does anyone have any recommendations among the 3? Especially as something starting off, the DHR6000 at $170 feels pretty steep. I was thinking of starting off with a mid-range pillow and upgrading eventually if I felt like it. Any comments is greatly appreciated!

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28th Oct 2019

So I finally see Amazon US got a seller that offers prime shipping for their Comodo pillow – https://www.amazon.com/COMODO-Original-CMD9900LS-High-End-Dakimakura/dp/B07DFJWW86 instead of going through Zenmarket/Proxy…

Now, what difference between CMD9900LS and AJ DHR6000? I been snooping around this r/ and I see comments about the new DHR is no longer Japanese cottons and it oversea ones, is it worth buying it as suppose to CMD9900?
And lastly, I own a CMD9150, how do I re-fluff the mid-section of the pillow?