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26th Oct 2020

Quick update for me, lots of little busy work to do.

  • Cornish hen and roasted radishes were a good dinner last night. The purple daikon radishes kept a bit of their peppery bite even after roasting- I feel like the regular globe radishes mellow out a bit more. Not good or bad, just some knowledge to keep.

  • Tonight for dinner is sous vide pork chops with sauteed apples and walnuts (maybe blue cheese if there’s some in the fridge) with roasted broccoli on the side. There are no leftovers of the hen so for lunch I’ll probably do egg salad or a bowl of egg drop soup.

  • New medication hasn’t done anything but make me super sleepy but it’s only been a few days so I’m not drawing any conclusions yet.

  • FH and I started watching The Good Place together. We’re enjoying it so far- it’s nice to have a show that doesn’t take too much effort to watch. Over the weekend I also watched Enola Holmes by myself. I haven’t watched a movie in forever and it was really nice.

  • I broke down and accepted that working from home is going to be a part of my life for at least the next few months. This acceptance is being materialized by a proper desk. I will finally be upgrading from the 34″ x 34″ folding card table I’ve been using since we started WFH in March. I’m super excited for the extra foot of space so I’ll finally have room to look at papers.

Alright, KCKO y’all! Let’s crush this Monday. ❤

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29th Sep 2020

That ceiling’s amazing! Probably good for acoustics. (Rock gym, though…) For myself, I’d immediately fill that room with futuristic decor, geometric patterns, and sci-fi shit. That’s just the way I am.

It looks like you enjoy a sort of classic sense. (Vintage LIFE, banjo and guitar, the chair and sofa, etc.) The roof makes me think of historic forts, where there’s usually Old West decor inside an even older structure. I would paint those green walls in a very light blueish gray – like this one possibly tinted lighter with more white. Referencing stone, but light enough the room’s not grim. I’d keep the bright white protrusions for contrast. I’d offset it with warm wood tones; maybe switch to this desk, or get some reddish wood contact paper. It’d be cool to find a vintage desk, but often they’re too heavy. I’d swap to wood frames for most of the art, maybe leaving the ski picture black.

It looks like you’re splitting between an office and hang out area? I wonder if the desk could go perpendicular to the console, or stay how it is but on the sofa side. -Trying to make that vintage luggage more visible. I would buy/make a rolling guitar stand. Big casters for carpet are not too expensive on amazon. It could sit in front of the closet door but just roll aside. Some shallow bookshelves could then go where the banjo is. I’d use a small wooden side table, or stain some wooden crate boxes from hobby lobby, instead of a coffee table for the sofa.

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17th Sep 2020

There are lots of cheap options on Amazon including: