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Coffee Gator Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 47 oz Iced Tea and Cold Brew Maker and Pitcher w/ Glass Carafe, Filter, Funnel & Measuring Scoop – Black?

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12th Jul 2020

Make your own cold brew for dirt cheap. The Coffee Gator Cold Brew Kit is super easy to use. Don’t need to use good coffee ’cause it’ll taste great regardless.

I usually let mine brew for 48hrs and store it in mason jars for up to two weeks (you can drink it after longer it’ll just taste like ass).

For a ride a 6oz mason jar full of that would probably be plenty. Stick it in a jersey pocket and you’re good to go and just take a sip every once in a bit.

If you do use mason jars, once you get frustrated with the lids always rusting when you refrigerate them I started using these lids a while back and they’re great.

Edit: Definitely check the comment below this, recommending using a Gu refillable flask in lieu of a mason jar. Seems smarter, easier, and in a worst-case scenario of a crash definitely safer than glass.

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19th May 2021

It’s actually this glass pitcher by Coffee Gator for making cold brew coffee, but repurposed! 😁 it’s served me well haha.

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1st Dec 2021

coffee gator

Burr grinder

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16th Oct 2021

This Coffee Gator Cold Brew is absolutely killer.

Get a good burr grinder for very course roast. I use this one

And get some good dark coffee. My personal fav is from Portland Coffee Roasters. Sumatra