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CM Storm Sentinel Advance II – Gaming Mouse with 8200 DPI Avago Sensor and 128KB Memory?

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5th Jul 2017

I should’ve asked this question years ago, but I’m just wondering if there’s any reason for this:

I have a CM Storm Sentinel Advance II laser sensor mouse that just could not function/track on any neoprene/cloth mousepad. I had a neoprene pad that covered the length of the keyboard + mouse, but I had to switch to a SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Pad that is a hard plastic composition for the mouse to work. I’ve been using that plastic pad since then but I would like to switch back to a large neoprene pad since it’s summer and hand/forearm sweat makes it hard to move the mouse around on a plastic pad.

My research says that laser sensors should work on any surface but my mouse didn’t work until I switched to my current pad. Is my mouse defective? I’d like to switch pads without switching my mouse, but will ultimately make that change if I have to.