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CM Storm QuickFire Stealth – Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with CHERRY MX BLUE Switches and Covert Keycaps?

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16th Jun 2015

The CM Storm quickfire stealth has side printed caps and blue switches – out of stock on amazon, though.

The Varmillo 87 that pops up on massdrop from time to time also has the option of side printed caps.

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7th Oct 2017

Thanks! I actually got them from eBay a few years back. I think THESE are the same ones.

Or you could customize your own set HERE

Only issue you might have is that you’ll need a mechanical keyboard with Cherry style switches to use most keycap sets. If you already have a mechanical keyboard, you’re set (And awesome!), but if not, head over to /r/MechanicalKeyboards for a ton of info that will make you broke. THIS is the keyboard I have, but they’ve jacked up the price since I got it 🙁

Oh, and HERE’S a shot of the full keyboard!

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14th Apr 2015

Thank you. the keyboard is a CM Storm Quickfire with brown switches and the monitor is a 1080p Dell U2414H.

That sub has potential. I’ll post when I take a better picture and clean up that cluttered desk!

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17th Apr 2015

I have a lightly used CM Storm CF Stealth I’m thinking about selling for $70.