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CM Storm QuickFire Pro – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with CHERRY MX BROWN Switches and LED Backlit Gaming Keys?

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14th Mar 2018

Hey – I currently have a Cooler Master Rapid Fire Pro and I’m looking to change to a TKL keyboard and wireless. I’m trying to take up a little less desk space and reduce the clutter on the desk.

I use both a PC and my work Mac – I’d like to be able to quickly swap the keyboard between the two. I have the Logitech MX Master and I’m SUPER happy about how easy it is to switch between the two – I’d love to also swap my keyboard just as easily.

I would like to have some sort of backlighting for the keyboard, preferably through-key so the letter can glow rather than just the edge lighting. A volume knob or USB passthrough would be a bonus.

My budget is pretty flexible if the keyboard fits in with our decor – I’ve convinced my GF that it counts as “furniture” if it fits in nicely with our mid-century modern decor. I could probably spend up to $400 if it suits all my needs.

Any suggestions? I’ve had a ton of trouble finding anything illuminated & mechanical & wireless… like at all.

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6th Dec 2016

Well in my opinion you want a KB that will last for years and years, if you get a Razer or a Chinese MEch, they wont last as long, and then you would have invested in trash.

Now, RBG adds A LOT to the price and exactly 0 to performance, but having an illuminated KB is awesome (as in 1 color to see the keys in the dark, not for it to light up like a christmas tree) So i would recommend you drop the RGB requirement at least until you have a bigger budget.

I got this exact KB


And its not about straining the KB, lesser switches can fail just because, also with a cherrymx KB you will be asking for more homework or whatever so you can just type on it, forget about gaming, googling and typing is just a pleasure, SO satisfying youll wonder how you actually wrote on those pieces of crap KB before.

And i almost never recommend used hardware, but CherryMx are so damn sturdy if you get a used kb that hasnt failed, chances are it wont fail for you either (and if it by any chance it does, you can buy individual switches and replace them).

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8th Mar 2015

they are a linear switch, and much quieter. I am assuming that you got the green “clicky” switch, and the reds are almost the opposite since they are linear. I would suggest something like this

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2nd Aug 2014
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28th Oct 2015

Man thats rough hope you get a new one sorted soon.
They do actually to the QF rapid with backlight. Its a little expensive though and the K70 is a very solid keyboard.

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15th Sep 2015

QF Pro’s are not wireless, thay have a removable braided cord (Mini USB–> USB 2.0)Here is the amazon listing: http://www.amazon.com/CM-Storm-QuickFire-Pro-Mechanical/dp/B007VDOOBU

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13th Nov 2013

You will be very hard pressed to find a full size mechanical keyboard for under 80 dollars. I got my Quickfire Pro (full size, brown switches) for 80 dollars only on a special deal from Newegg.

The Rosewill mechanical keyboard goes on sale sometimes, and might drop under 80 dollars.

Coolermaster keyboards such as the Quickfire Pro and Ultimate have a nicer build quality in my opinion (my brother has a Rosewill and it’s a lot more shoddy looking – keycaps fading, cable looks more fragile, etc.)
For some reason, Amazon lists the Pro and the Ultimate all under the same product, so toggle the options on the second link to view ultimate vs pro with red switches. There are blue and brown switch options too on that link (browns are a lot cheaper if I remember correctly).

Coolermaster keyboards are on sale on Newegg quite often too (not sure if this is still a thing given their relatively recent surge in popularity. I haven’t checked for the past few months), but I couldn’t find the Quickfire Pro with red switches on Newegg for some reason.

These are the two cheapest fullsize keyboards I can think of off the top of my head. Good luck finding a keyboard (and consider getting tenkeyless, or a Quickfire TK).