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29th Jan 2019

If you goto wikipedia and look up accutane there’s been several class actions that caused the original manufacturer of it to discontinue use. yeah, you’d only need to run it while you’re on cycle I guess, but the way it works is (my understanding) it will permanently destroy your sebaceous glands (long term use, of course) and according to some Googling it has other permanent effects as well.


I just don’t think it’s worth it/needed, seems like overkill. the benzoyl peroxide stuff is super effective, at the very least use it in the shower in the morning and before you goto bed. if you notice your face is greasy/oily in the middle of the day use it again then. after cleansing, i’d use the cortisone (hydrocortisone right?) cream on your big pimples as well


edit: it’s really strong stuff, actually. it took my skin awhile to get used to it. i even use it to this day, altho just in the morning. afterwards i use a moisturizer (this is what i use, they have a for men kind it’s the same stuff just branded dif). i don’t get any pimples and my skin looks amazingly healthy/young for my age


i’ve not done many cycles, but my first cycle was all long esters.. now i just use props/ace. i feel the results are better and less sides. something to think about.