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Clever Coffee Dripper With Bonus Filters Included (Clear)?

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13th Jan 2022

One of the best devices on the market for making a good single cup of coffee is called the Clever. It is kind of combo between pour over tech and drip tech and since the lockdown, I have EXCELLENT coffee one cup at a time for a lot less than what I was spending on a daily coffee out somewhere.https://smile.amazon.com/Clever-Coffee-Dripper-Filters-Included/dp/B00BCS13IW/ref=sr\_1\_2?crid=1SC0KHGTHGFEW&keywords=clever+coffee+maker&qid=1642087156&sprefix=clever+coffee+maker%2Caps%2C84&sr=8-2

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30th Nov 2021

The secret answer is to get a Clever Dripper : ). It combines the best part of a french press (immersion) and a traditional pour over (filter). Clean up is as simple as dumping the filter in the trash and rinsing.

The only draw back is it can’t make the same amount as a french press but the time it takes to clean a french press could be time spent making another cup.


A former french press person who hated cleaning it as well.

Clever Coffee Dripper With Bonus Filters Included (Clear) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BCS13IW/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_ZPWAA3FB00F3TP8B9QMB

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14th Nov 2021

Highly recommend a Chemex or a Clever dripper. Prior to pourover coffee, I hated the taste of coffee. But Chemex changed that for me. And a Clever dripper is even easier.

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3rd Dec 2018

Using pre-ground will always be compromised, but you can easily do better than a poor (moldy!) drip machine. One option is a good drip machine: https://sca.coffee/certified-home-brewer/ but you should still clean it occasionally.


If you want to just throw it in the dishwasher, I think the Clever Dripper is the best, easy brewer. The large size does 18 fl. oz., not quite up to your need of 24-30, but you could brew a stronger batch and top off with some hot water to get to 24 with minimal effect. I would still recommend using a scale a few times to figure out your ideal brew, and then convert that to scoops for convenience. Start at 15 parts water for 1 part coffee, or 35g coffee to a full 18 fl.oz. Clever, or 47g if you’re going to add water to get to 24 fl.oz.

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20th Apr 2021

You could try the best of both worlds and go with a Clever Dripper. It doesn’t require any techically difficult pour over technique but you get the consistent flavor extraction of a cafetière.

There’s all sorts of great recipes for brewing with it, and it’s definitely coffee snob approved.

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7th Dec 2021

Get a Clever dripper. It neatly de-skills doing pour over, and making good coffee becomes more like steeping tea (that is to say: way harder to fuck up in the morning).

James Hoffman has a whole video showing you how to use one. It’s very simple and very consistent.

Trade Coffee is useful for finding brands that suit your specific tastes, but I wouldn’t buy from them directly (unless you have a coupon). It’s often cheaper and easier to order directly from the roasters, most of whom have their own web shops.

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8th Nov 2021

A “shot” of coffee refers to espresso, and is typically made with 7-9 grams of ground coffee.

The difference between that and drip coffee is that it’s made using high pressure water pushed through the grounds. As a result, it extracts differently, so has a different flavor/texture. It’s also a lot stronger than your typical drip coffee.

To start making coffee at home:

  • You’ll want to start with drip or immersion brewing. Something like espresso is more advanced, and takes expensive equipment
  • Start with good coffee beans, freshly ground
  • I’d recommend either the Clever Coffee Dripper or Aeropress (both around $30)
  • You can also try “cold brew”, which is probably the simplest. Put ground coffee in cold water, and stick it in the fridge overnight. Country Line Kitchen’s kit was my go-to kit for making coffee in hotels for a while
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12th Jan 2019

amazon has it, or just google for other retailers