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Clever Coffee Dripper Filters – 100 filter For use with Large 18oz Dripper (size #4)?

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5th Dec 2020

This is a US Amazon link to purchase them separately, which I did not find on UK Amazon. Clever Coffee Dripper Filters – 100 for large 18 oz (#4)

Thank you for the video and your delve into creating your YouTube channel. You’ve gotten me much deeper than I expected into coffee. After your video visiting Chris Baca, I saw his video about the Clever Dripper and thought it might be the most approachable and flexible option. Combined with your recommendation of the basic Hario grinder and simple digital scale (plus the WLCT), it’s been a relatively inexpensive and fast way into a fascinating world. I look forward to finally reading the World Atlas of Coffee, which should be arriving from Square Mile in the coming days. Thank you.