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16th Aug 2018

Hey guys, i ask for some help since i dont think i use good prducts and want to fianlly attack my skin problems, so if you have any recommendations please give me some tips 🙂

  • The issue(s): so basicly i would consider my skin bad with a lot of pimpels on my forehard cheeks and chin (sometimes on my nose), also i got a lot of these dark spots on my nose. also my cheeks have weird big pores and dont look good
  • Skin type: So i did not research this a lot but i would call it extremly oli, if i rub a finger over my skin 2 houers after cleaning and touch my phone after its oli as hell
  • Current routine: I use Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment for cleaning and Garnier Hautklar Tägliche 24h Feuchtigkeitspflege (sorry for german links) for moisture every morning and before bed
  • How long: i do this for around a year on and off i think
  • Anything new: nop
  • Your location: Germany (so sorry for bad english)

thank you 🙂