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CKLau 2 Port USB Displayport Cable KVM Switch, DP Cables KVM Switch with Audio Microphone Support Resolution Up to [email protected] 4:4:4?

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23rd Jun 2021

OK, so i’ve been thinking about this exact thing for a while now! Here’s how I do it:

– With my previous monitor I used a KVM switch and so I still have it. Right now I have my keyboard and mouse plugged into it and the USB-B from the monitor plugs into one of the USB’s and second one is free so you can technically plug in any hub you want into it and it will switch it. The button is attached to the bottom of my desk, you can actually see it on the picture to the right side of the desk. You can buy the £30 pound version with HDMI if you want to use it just for usb switching.

– I switch the DP using the monitor and then press the button to switch my mouse and keyboard.

– Speakers and camera are always connected to my mac for now for music and zoom calls.

– I may in the future want to switch the audio and camera over to the desktop too, so i would just buy this and it would switch my speakers separately. Or a powered usb hub that plugs into the switch….


Hope that provides some clarity. I’m still searching for the perfect solution, but what i have now works super well for me because i also mostly ssh into the desktop and use it as a server.