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CKLau 2 Port Dual Monitor Displayport KVM Switch, DP KVM Switch with Audio, USB 2.0 Hub and Cables Support Hotkey Switching Resolution Up to [email protected] 4:4:4?

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22nd Jul 2021


Still looking for alternatives. Might something like this do?
I really don’t know enough to understand the difference between the switches. This one says 60hz. So if my Monitor is capable of more, then I will lose that possibility if I have games that’d run with 100hz?

In that case that would not be a good candidate.

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5th Feb 2022

So, I have the CKL-922HUA-2, which is basically the CKL-922HUA-2 ($170) but with DisplayPort instead of HDMI.

My setup was;

So my issue is that sometimes something would straight cause my MacBook Pro from work to crash. Or something would lock up the keyboard / trackpad / displays after away. I think the issue is with the KVM (CKLau-622DP) and more on that later.

Sadly, the TB3DK2DHV wouldn’t display to my second monitor after about 6ish months. Not too sure. StarTech nicely upgraded me to TB3DK2DPM2 due to my model (TB3DK2DHV) being on backordered for 4+ months. The issue of keyboard / trackpad locking up my MacBook Pro will happen constantly. Everything is fine on my second computer (Windows) for gaming.

I don’t think the issue is the docks to be honest since everything works fine when plugged directly into the dock and cutting out the KVM Switch in my testing with BOTH StarTech docks. It took about 6ish months and the dock no longer displaying to one monitor to have me figure everything out about a year later.

I don’t have a problem with StarTech to be clear. I’ve also had their TBDOCKHDPBC for my previous generation MacBook Pro since 2016.

Part of me is considering USB3DDOCKFT that was posted from StarTech. But I really like their Thunderbolt dock since it also charges my laptop. I just want one cable to rule them all. Sadly, something is still stopping me.