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Cipla Ltd. Saslic Foaming Face Wash- 60Ml?

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22nd Aug 2021

Listen you. Idk what you are, but you’re definitely not human XD you’re other worldly, these curls are proof of divinity. How are these curls so perfect?!?

I know others have been showering u with curly compliments but i couldn’t ignore them sorry. Touched by God himself. Those curls. Damn. Also they look soft ARE THEY SOFT?!

ANYWAYS, im also trying to figure out skin stuff so im not sure about offering anything others have already, but if it helps, i can say salicylic acid is great keeping acne away. I know its in every product but the one i use is quite nice. The one i use is Cipla’s saslic Salicylic acid foam face wash. Two pumps of this on your skin for 20 seconds n i swear it’s helped my skin.

here is a link
To amazon but i think it’s out of stock, i use this pink one. u could try n see if there’s another way to get it idk. I had gotten it in India so it was cheaper there at the pharmacies because i think it’s an Indian brand. so i ask anyone visiting to get me another bottle when they’re traveling XD i still use this whenever my period is around. Its got 1%