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CHO Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Portable Electric Pain Relief Percussion Therapy (RC-Black)?

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24th Jan 2021

I bought it ! There are so many literally 100s of cheap under the $70 selling price of the Aldi/Crane one on Amazon . The problem with all those are literally only 30-90 day warranty. With the Aldi /Crane you are getting a 3 year warranty!

The Aldi/Crane has virtually no specs listed such as Stroke Length/ Amplitude, Noise Levels, and Stall force. In trying to research and find specs I came across a virtual clone of the Aldi/Crane from Cho Power Sports (seller of Hoverboards) on Amazon & Walmart market places selling for $20 less at only $49.99. This price appears to be a mark down from previous selling price of $79.99



The $20 premium in Price buying it from Aldi is going to give you the 3 year warranty & easy in store in return.

I personally think the extra $20 is worth it. There are also the many other sub $50 brands on Amazon but most of those don’t come with a case and also have very very short warranty periods as well as only the 30 day Amazon Prime return window.