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Cherry RC128BM Grocery C-Store Dollar Store and Specialty Retail Point of Sale Keyboard PS/2?

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31st Dec 2021

Amazon, but it looks like it’s sold out again.


It’ll eventually go back in stock.

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5th Feb 2020

Some history: this keyboard was discovered by u/piercejenkins and shown off in this thread and I immediately knew I needed to have it.

These keyboards are/were worth $400CAD, some seller on amazon had a bunch for 35+shipping, and come with 127 cherry black legendable keycaps. They’re designed for retail and actually come with a mag stripe reader that will output your mag card info over ps2. Super cool.

On the plus side, it’s fully four layer programmable. They’re used for Retail applications usually but I’m going to use it as a main keyboard at home plus blender macropad, I use matrix/linear keyboards daily anyway.

It sold out REALLY fast (I think it was some warehouse overstock, since the stock software “only” works on 32bit xp and it’s ps2) but here’s the link anyway: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G4CDCLM/

But, I discovered something really cool, it turns out it’s a rebranded TIAPRO! So, you don’t need windows XP to set it up over SERIAL, this file will work with it on 64bit, and it’s a modern editor. http://www.tipro.net/shared_files/support/software/changeme/changeme5280.exe

This software will reprogram it even in 64 bit windows, if you use RS232/Serial adapter or direct line to do so (the cherry version is a rebrand of this keyboard). I assume this has a port somewhere for that buried away, I haven’t opened it up yet.

Or, you can use this software on 32 bit windows 10 too in a vm image or whatever. Makes it pretty easy than looking around for a copy of XP!