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Cherry MX Blue Switch Standard Corded Keyboard – 104 Keys (G80-3000LSCEU-2)?

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8th May 2017

I like that design, least this one very proffessional looking and a nice little Cherry Logo

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10th Jun 2018

Just a quick note to anyone looking for OG Cherry G80’s, you can buy a brand new Cherry G80 from amazon.com for $83 right here on amazon. So don’t get scammed.

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5th Apr 2019

Years go I had a razer blackwidow with mx blues.

the last few years ive been using the newer razer keyboard with their own green switches.for one reason or another, that one melted… I don’t want to talk about it…

so now im in the market for a new keyboard but I’m having trouble finding one i like.

i’ve spent a few days looking at keyboards online now and im just getting frusturated because everything i see is PRO GAMING KEYBOARD XX9000K2 or something stupid with backlighting and absoluetely no bezel.

I don’t want a compact keyboard, i don’t need backlights, i don’t want my arrow keys jammed up next to my control button.

I want the | \ button above enter like a normal keyboard would have. I want one with a bezel that goes all the way around the keyboard and around the home/end/arrow buttons. i want the bezel to be raised up enough to at least cover the bottom of the key’s “skirts”. if you dont know what i mean look at any corsair mechanical gaming keyboard with their lewd exposed switches.

i dont want another razer keyboard because over the last 10 years every products of their i’ve bought has been cheaper and worse than the last.

This is exactly what i want… if i could get it with blue or brown switches…

this is the same ^ keyboard ^ but with blue switches. its sold on amazon, supposedly by cherry but why would they list this on amazon but on their website say its only available with silent switches? it looks sus to me… ( I only found this keyboard while writing this post – ill probably buy it if nobody has better suggestions)

this one deleted my |\ button for a stupid thicc enter key…

my friend told me nobody makes keyboards like that anymore and i almost think hes right but thats just so stupid i dont want to believe him.

i would also be open to non-cherry keys like buckling spring or something else.

i would like to spend 80-100 on this but i could go as high as 150 if i need to.

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4th Apr 2017

How similar are these keys to those that come with the G80 – this one for example?

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19th Feb 2015

Found it but it’s a 100%, and I’m in the market for an 80%. Seems like the KBP v80 is the best bet for me. Not too pricey and has a generally great reputation.