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Cherry KC 6000 Slim Keyboard – USB Interface – English (US) – SX Keyswitch (White)?

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4th Apr 2021

I play exclusively on PC and use two programs, Autohotkey and x360ce (for the gamepads) religiously combined with 2 flightsticks, 3 gamepads, 3 mice, and 2 keyboards. My main keyboard is an ultraslim Cherry Keys with keys that are extremely light to press and have nearly no travel depth. Autohotkey and x360ce allow me to customize my control setup to a degree that no game ever provides for, and I think that having that ability to custom tailor your setup is essential since even if you have the same diagnoses everybody’s accessibility needs are going to be unique to them.

I have Conversion Disorder, some RSIs in both hands, a long-term contracture in my main arm, and complex chronic pain in all my limbs. It can get complicated and be very unpredictable, so I use Autohotkey to remap keys and buttons as I see fit, and to do custom macros, hold down keys, do rapid-fire, switch devices on the fly, etc. For example, when I had severely reduced functionality in my fingers during a bad flare up I moved my keyboard hotkeys for Stellaris onto my flightstick’s thumb buttons and to my MMO-style mouse’s thumb buttons for my other hand. It works well enough for strategy & building/management games that don’t require fast reflexes.

I also follow Dr Levi Harrison on YouTube, he has tons of tips and exercises for preventing RSIs and other problems.

I have an Xbox wired controller which works out of the box on any game with gamepad support, but it’s just too damn heavy, bulky, and the triggers are too hard to press. I switched to the Stadia gamepad which is lighter, has better ergonomics, and the triggers are easy to press. Huge difference. It doesn’t work natively with most games though, but you can run any game through Steam which emulates your device as an xbox or Steam controller with no fuss. x360ce also will do this.

I also use an ambidextrous mouse for when my dominant hand flares up, I just click a button and use that mouse in my left hand until my right recovers. AHK takes some work to learn how to use but since you can do almost anything with the program it’s well worth the effort imo. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?