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Cherry G80-3850LXBEU-2 MX3.0 – US International 104 Key Layout, LASERED Keys, Black, USB, MX Brown SWIT?

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7th Mar 2018

Sounds like maybe a Cherry MX Board 3.0 would be up your alley. The design and size very much mirrors a lot of the standard crappy rubber dome keyboards that come with PCs. But with Cherry switches. It even has dedicated volume buttons. I bought one a couple years ago and was very happy with it. It never seemed to be very popular and it’s not very easy to find. But there is at least one on Amazon…


It’s pretty expensive though for what you get. I was able to get mine for $80 but that place doesn’t have them anymore. There are some on eBay but it’s not always clear what switches they come with and if it’s US/ANSI or ISO layout.