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Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain, Contour Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Orthopedic & Ergonomic Side Sleeping Pillows, Can Help with Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief, Detachable Pillowcase Protection with Zipper?

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10th Aug 2021

Some of any type of doctor will be terrible and good for nothing. Chiropractors are real doctors, some suck and rip you off, some are legit and don’t. This one is slightly too high for me, but does seem to be good for alignment and ease neck pain if you’re a side sleeper. I’ve been on a new pillow hunt due to neck pain myself. Probably ultimately going to go with 100% goose down, as I just can’t get as comfy with the contoured ones, and down never gets lumpy like other fills do. I’m also trying an adjustable shredded latex pillow, it’s pretty comfortable/supportive, and I sleep well on it on my side, but getting some neck pain on my back.