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Cervical Neck Traction Pillow for Sleeping – Queen Standard Size Side Sleeper and Back Pillows for Beds Neck Pillow for Sleeping Standard Neck Pillow for Sleep Medium 24″x17″ Made in The USA?

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11th Jan 2017

Similar to this pillow?


i know its on the expensive side, but it looks way more comfy than most of the other pillows ive seen out there.

I went to the chiro down the street this week and was pretty turned off. While i found out that I couldnt move my neck side to side worth a damn, he could not adequetely describe to me from the x-rays the actual ailment/issues so that i could fucking google it.

additionally, he immediately tried to sign me up for a 36 visit plan with an upfront investment and no discount over just paying a single visit at a time. To me this is used car salesmen sleezy.

Finally, he tried to sale me juice plus. Im a competitive body builder or was, and know all about nutrition. And these scam nutirtion systems are more or less made to rip off old ladies such as my mom lol, who always buys into it with 0 results

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5th Apr 2021
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31st Aug 2020

Here is the expensive one.

Here is the cheap version.

Here is the cervical neck traction device.

Here is a set that helps to use for pain management/hike physical therapy.

Here is a TENS unit (not the one I have) to help manage the pain. Please make sure she doesn’t do it more than 20 units. It can become counterproductive/weaken the muscle it over done – no different than overdoing heat.

Feel free to message me if you need additional information.