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CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser | Moisturizing Non-Foaming Face Wash with Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides & Glycerin | 19 Fluid Ounce?

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16th Jan 2022

For all the men on this thread asking about “what clothes should I wear to look more attractive?”

Hi 23 year old woman here. I’m very into makeup, skincare, and style, and here’s my take:

  1. Take care of your skin first. Buy a cleanser and please wear SPF every day. CeraVe is a great option and is for sensitive skin. Bottle isn’t girly either. If you have acne, go to your dermatologist. I had acne and now have great skin because I was put on a medication plan.

  2. Don’t wear formal clothes, wear clothes that fit your body. The most universal attractive look for 99% of guys is the following: a basic long-sleeve Henley top (stick to darker tones), dark wash jeans, and brown boots. You can get it from Kohl’s. It’s like $14.

  3. Add a watch or 1-2 rings if you wanna be more stylish but not too out there.

  4. Get regular haircuts and use manscaped. Literally just go to Supercuts or a local barber. It’ll change your whole appearance.

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9th Jan 2021

I dont know about sa cleanser cause i never heard of it. I just know this two and i think they are suitable for sensitive skin because they don’t have fragrance and harsh sulfates in ingredient list.

If you have dry skin:

for oily skin:

they are out of stock right now but i think you can find them in drugstores.

for being clear double cleansing has two steps. number one is micellar water or cleansing oils and num 2 is as i write before cleansers. you should melt your suncream with micellar water and then wash your face with cleansers. make sure your face is clean if you having acne problem.

hope i can help

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4th Dec 2019

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser. It’s so gentle! My face feels more hydrated after using it.

If I’m wearing makeup, I’ll use Ponds Cold Cream to remove the eye makeup, DHC Cleansing Oil for the rest of my face, and then all over with the CeraVe cleanser to finish.

I find that the most irritating thing for my skin is mechanical manipulation from a wipe/towel/pad (ie makeup remover wipes, or cotton pads that you need to use with a micellar water). I much prefer to use my hands to work a cleanser in, wash off, and then gently pad with a soft towel.