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14th Mar 2021

Someone here told me about mast cell disorders. My doctor let me try chromolyn, and it has absolutely changed my life. (If your insurance gives you a crazy high price for cromolyn, use GOODRX, it’s a tenth of the price for me.) Histamine intolerance and connective tissue disorders like MCTD are often comorbid with fibro and can cause redness.

While cromolyn has helps with the skin pain and sensitivity, Cica aka centella asiatica has made the biggest difference in the appearance. It also helps with pain and tenderness, bruising, symptoms of vasculitis, hives, rashes, and keloid/hypertrophic scarring. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Propolis and Royal Jelly also help, although I tend to use them for certain skin conditions and find cica more affective for general redness.

Also, I’ll add that aloe vera was making my skin so much worse and it’s in every sensitive skin products, soap, baby wipes, everything. I’ve talked to two other people who had last redness after avoiding aloe vera as well, no idea how common it is though. Also, laundry detergent can really affect your skin. I switched to soap nuts, you can grab some at Trader Joe’s or Amazon. You can also get a solution that you just squirt into the laundry. I use Castille soap for bad stains, especially oil-based but otherwise I’ve had no problems. Prior to this I used All Free and Clear, everyone in my family has seen improvement.

Back to Cica, after discovering it I switched entirely to Korean skincare, and my skin bills and looks better than it has since I was healthy. I’ve been planning to make a thread in the the kbeauty sub (wasn’t sure if it would be welcome here?), but my sleep apnea has come back, so I haven’t had the energy.

Anyway I recommend starting with the Be Plain Cica Ampoule. A little goes a long way, I put it on my entire upper body twice a day, and it lasts a month. I noticed a change within a week (tho I also used it with snail cream for extra moisture). After seeing such a huge difference I switched all of my products over, and within a month I was no longer lobstergirl.

You can get a kit like this one (they have lots of different kinds) and the ampouule to start off with if you don’t want to put too much money in it. CosRx is really great about returns though, Ulta and Target have also started carrying some CosRx products.

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