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CB3 Hush Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling Technology (Black)?

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10th Nov 2018

Sorry to hear about your stolen headphones. I need headphones to keep me sane too. When my QC25 and QC20 died I realized I didn’t want to keep replacing $350 or $500 every day carry headphones. So the expensive headphones stay home and I bought the poor man’s QC35 for EDC because they will break, CB3 HUSH

They’re OK but not great. But they’re $90CAD so when they need to be replaced it’s not as big a deal. Two cons: 1) Active noise cancelling is 33% of QC35, 2) Noise from poor Bluetooth implementation noticeable in silent environments (like a library) but not noticeable on a subway or walking around on the street.