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20th Jul 2021

Ahh I see. Are you using moving companies or moving the items yourself? If you’re using moving companies and they’re damaging your items, it may be time to find a new moving company.

Ultimately it’s your own decision to make, but if I can offer my perspective: things are meant to be used. If you’re afraid to take your nice furniture out of storage because you’re afraid the course of life you’ve chosen will damage them, then maybe… what was the point of buying it, y’know? Moving can definitely be hard on furniture, but nothing guarantees that even if you were in one place for the next two years you wouldn’t accidentally spill red wine on something or dent something while moving a newly acquired piece of furniture in, etc. I would encourage you to think about either enjoying your nice furniture for whatever time it lasts, or replacing it with furniture you will feel less guilt over becoming “well loved”.

If you do decide to switch your furniture up, some suggestions I have:

  • Get a sofa / armchair with a removable and machine washable cover – or make or commission such a cover. My sofa (from Ikea!) has an entire cover I can remove and toss in the washing machine, and it’s so nice to be able to do so after a move to get rid of dust smudges and such.
  • Folding bookshelves. The lack of a glass front does mean you may need to dust more, but they’re soooo much easier to move. (Example)
  • After several moves, I’m a big fan of cube shelves for more general storage. If you get the non-square ones, they can be easily shifted to work in all sorts of spaces. My first apartment had many waist-high windows, and benefited most from low, wide shelves that fit under them. Subsequent apartments benefited more from narrow, tall shelving that maximized vertical storage space. The non-square cube shelves (6 and 8 cube ones) could be rotated to work in both styles of housing. If you get the 14-inch cube shelves, you can even have a cube that fits larger awkward items like an extra keyboard (I have a cube dedicated to “tech paraphernelia” like keyboards, mice, headphones, chargers, etc). And of course, everything is already stored in cubes that are easy to shove in your car (for a short move) or into another more sturdy box for longer moves. Downsides: because they’re cheap, they are more likely to be dented and scratched during the move process; lifting them instead of dragging and using blankets to pad them during transit will greatly reduce damage, but YMMV if your moving company (or you, if you move yourself) will take this kind of care. Their depth does not lend well to being either a bookshelf or clothing storage, and YMMV if you use them to display tchotkes – decorative items pushed to the back will be kinda lost to shadow.