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21st May 2016

This looks good, but HIIT and tabatas are about using a lot of energy in a short time span. Not all exercises are suited for this. Also, if you’re going all out, you will sacrifice form and shouldn’t do anything that risks injury when this happens, like deadlifts (yeah, you can go light, but then you’re sacrificing effort).

Some that I saw that don’t fit are handstands, planks,…

Maybe add a category for bodyweight. Those exercises are already included, but it’s not clear in which category.

A very good book with lots of different types of exercises is io strength training.

I’m absolutely not shitting on your effort (it’ s more than I’ve ever created), just giving some pointers.

If you want, I can list all the exercise from that book (tonight orntomorrow).

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17th Jan 2011

Robert Dos Remedios’ book io Strength Training was the first thing that came to mind when reading your thread title.

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7th Jan 2019

>But seriously

Wait, does that mean the “heavy conditioning” thing was /s? I was just gonna ask where I can read more about that. Like, I remember there was this book from back in the day about using conditioning work, not strict resistance training, as the core of your workouts.

Is there any truth to that if you’re going for that lean athletic thing, and not necessarily bulking muscle? Is there a technical name for a protocol like that I can look up?