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Canwood Whistler Junior Bed-White Loft, Single?

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19th Jul 2016

Our girls are 20 months apart, and having them share a room was our original plan as well. After six months of having the baby in our room, we attempted to move her to her sister’s room, only to bring her back to our room, night after night. We finally gave up and settled into a co-sleeping routine that lasted until she was 14 months old. At 16 months, she’s finally sleeping through the night, her crib taking up half of our tiny (otherwise unused) office. When she’s two and her sister is four, we’ll try the room sharing thing again – probably with a low loft bed that can fit a twin mattress underneath like this one.

It might work better for y’all than it did for us, though – our second child was a terrible sleeper until she was over a year old.