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Caesar Hardware Adjustable Sit to Stand L-Shaped Corner Work Office Desk with White Legs Ergonomic 63-in 3 Memory Buttons LED Electric Automatic Height, Ebony Grey?

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19th Dec 2020

2 legs also can do a L shaped desk, we can get some project orders that they will ask one leg and on side bracket longer than another, then it would be a L-shaped, looks like this one (https://www.amazon.com/Caesar-Hardware-Adjustable-Ergonomic-Automatic/dp/B082PMHSHJ/ref=sr_1_58?dchild=1&keywords=L+shaped+standing+desk&qid=1608366279&sr=8-58), but it seems not very popular. and 3 legs L-shaped desk would be sturdy than 2 legs.

no comments for these desks, hope the real users can give some recommends. haha