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BYSURE 2-Pack 6 Mil Queen/King Mattress Bags for Moving, Mattres Storage Bag, Extra Thick & Reusable?

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30th Sep 2020

I’m so sorry all of this is happening. It must feel so overwhelming.

Take a look at this, regarding Cimexa. I posted it earlier today and it’s really impressive. I’m putting a link here because I don’t know how to attach it otherwise.


In the study (included) they had something like an 80% kill rate in a week without bagging things or other preparation. You can do even better with bagging, etc.

You may want to get thick plastic mattress moving bags (4-6 mil thickness) and encase both of your mattresses and both box springs in them, sealing them off with packing tape so they’re basically airtight. The plastic won’t be great beneath the sheet, but whatever is in there will not be able to get out and bite. When you can get some cimexa, you could make a slit in the bag, dust in the cimexa, and seal off that opening with packing tape.

Wear plastic gloves or dishwashing gloves. Figure out in advance how you’ll slide each thing into the bags. I bought bags bigger than my bed on purpose since I knew it would be a struggle for me to wrestle the mattress and box in by myself.

Make sure the tape you use adheres well to plastic.

If you can get at the bed frames, they may have stuff on them in areas. I don’t know what to do about that without cimexa to dust it with. Someone else may have ideas. You might even use the packing tape to seal off any eggs if you see them. I did read that silicone oil kills them right off and someone recommended WD40 for this, but be careful — it’s flammable, as is rubbing alcohol, which you’ll see some people recommend, and it’s a fire risk. Worse than bbs. I wonder if something like elmer’s glue poured on eggs would neutralize them as well.

This is a pack of 2 in queen/king size for $23:
BYSURE 2-Pack 5 Mil Heavy Duty Mattress Bag for Moving & Long Term Storage, 3D Envel… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G39YKN6

The same in twin/full size at $17
BYSURE 2-Pack 5 Mil Extra Thick Mattress Bag for Moving & Long Term Storage, 3D Enve… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G3B5JD6/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_i_6wqDFbV7PFCGH

I’m suggesting these plastic bags instead of the fabric encasements because I spent a ton of time on Amazon evaluating them and even the top rated, most expensive ones, had some really unhappy reviews. I’m going to be helping a friend who’s dealing with them at her mother’s place and I bought a set of these as a preventative for my own bed.

Run both of your pillows through the hottest dryer setting for an hour or so, just in case, and maybe seal off each in a bb-proof pillow protector or, until then, a big plastic bag, sealed off, before putting in a pillow case.

This should take a lot of them out of circulation, and the cimexa should be really helpful too, just don’t inhale it and remember to protect your eyes.

One more thing — DON’T use bug bombs, drug store/supermarket bb sprays or anything that is also a repellant. Repellants will disperse them and they’ll be everywhere, which is honestly worse than what you’ve got now. Bb bombs ate notorious for not working, and the drug store/supermarket stuff fails miserably (plus a lot of that stuff repels).

Best of luck.
(Sending hugs)