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Bush Furniture Salinas Small Computer Desk with Hutch, Antique White?

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10th Nov 2019

> Are you thinking a dresser that is taller or wider? Or both?

Both. That wall isn’t doing anything but storing things and holding your TV, and you’re short on storage. Get the biggest thing you can find that’ll fit. Weirdly, I think it’ll make the room look cozier, too.

> Also what would make a better desk? This one is pretty deep at 26″ so I could go for a shallower one to have a larger aisle.

Shallower would be good, but what bugs me about it is that it makes the wall space behind it useless. If you had a desk with a hutch, you’d have a bunch more spaces to put stuff, or display it. Something like this, maybe, or this, or just a hutch of some sort on your existing desk. I assume you can’t mount shelves on the walls, or I’d suggest that instead.

>I think I’d also like a better lamp that the goose neck lamp I have clamped to my headboard, but don’t know where I’d put it.

If you moved the mirror from the wall next to the bed (maybe move it behind the door?), you’d have room for a small bedside table there. Make sure it’s tall if you’re planning to raise the bed.