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Bush Business Furniture Series C Office Desk?

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10th Mar 2021

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I currently bought a house and was in a similar predicament to yours. I really wanted to do the whole Alex Drawers and ** Insert Table top here**. But due to work I could not afford to wait for it to come in stock.

I also did not want to buy a throw away desk and wait for it to come. I then kept researching and found this company on Amazon:


*** Disclaimer I am not a paid Shill ***

*** It also might be a little out of your price range, but not my much***



I personally bought these:



They make furniture for offices so the quality is very good. This thing was HEAVY (Solid) and required a 2 person setup, but the installation was simple. a Total of maybe 10 Screws with the side lock mechanism (Very Ikea Ish)


I absolutely loves this desk and do not regret it. The great thing about the furniture is that it has a SOLID feel. I bough the 72″, but they have different sizes. Only draw back is no drawers. Also the Matching drawer set is very expensive, but this is just for the style desk that I chose. Hopefully this helps.