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19th Mar 2010

I recommend this book:


Also, it’s not just squats and deadlifts are the answers, it’s that compound movements are the answers. The reason is that when you do isolation exercises you are neglecting numerous supporting muscles. When you do this, your chance of injury increases when you do the compound movements.

Anyways, the Stuart McRobert book advises large compound movements like bench, rows, pull-ups, deadlift, squat, military press, etc. He also has curls, shrugs, calf raises, ab and neck work, and other minor movements as well.

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6th May 2010

Good luck! I was able to drop weight just by cutting out orange juice, yogurt, and the occasional Dr. Pepper. Sugar = bad carbs, whole grains = good carbs. Fiber is good as well.

Since you have a long time horizon, check out this book


One of the things he recommends is adding tiny amounts of weight to your exercises each week. It seems rather insignificant each week, but who wouldn’t be happy with ~50 lbs on their bench and ~100 on their squats at the end of the year.

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8th Mar 2010

First of all, this means you are working out incorrectly. Please either correct your form or use less weight.

Find safe exercises here: