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7th Mar 2020

It IS completely overwhelming, and you will spend a million years reading every review on every product and eventually decide to return half of it. Talk to other moms you know and get advice, or better yet, hand me downs that they actually used and no longer need! We were lucky to be given a lot of stuff (a lot of which you only need for about first 6 months or so, so no use in spending oodles of money on). In the beginning at least, it’s eat, sleep, poop, and travel safely to and from hospital/dr appt, etc. So I’d focus on items that cover those bases (For example, you’ve got more time to research a high chair. Or, we’re using a bassinet for sleep now so we don’t even have an actual crib yet). My bub is 3 weeks out and here are a few things I have found most useful so far.

  • AMAZON PRIME: You will figure out you need something at 3am, it’s magical to have it show up a day or so later. And as I said, you will return things and all in all, Amazon makes this pretty easy. Also, I basically used the Amazon baby registry as my master shopping list, constantly adding and removing things. As mentioned, their guide is pretty good for general categories, and you can also return gifts from the registry without the sender knowing if you change your mind on something.

  • Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask: I used this to help me tune out the world while I was in labor, and also to “sleep when baby sleeps”, since I had a hard time napping in the middle of the day.

  • Boppy Newborn Lounger: Use this daily to rest baby in so you can do things or for baby to nap in and easy to carry around from room to room

  • Haakaa: priceless if you’re breastfeeding. Has allowed me to already have a bit of a freezer stash and for dad to give a few bottles here and there so I could step away.

  • If you are breastfeeding, a good hand pump (I got Medela through my insurance and love it), nipple shields (I got a few extra from the hospital), nipple cream, storage bags (so far I love the Lansinoh ones). We got a variety of bottles to see which babe liked (so far he doesn’t care), and here’s where Amazon prime comes in… we got a bottle warmer/sterilizer that I researched forever and we hate it. Did an emergency Walmart one to get a cheaper more basic version… hate it. I now have another on the way from Amazon as we speak. So sometimes all the research in the world just won’t be enough, you’ve got to try things for yourself/your baby to know what you both like.

  • More burp cloths and receiving blankets than you think you need

  • Multi-purpose car seat cover/nursing cover

  • Some sort of baby carrier. I have Ergo baby with infant insert and like it reasonably but it’s not perfect for us (maybe will be better when we don’t need the infant insert). We both didn’t care for Boba wrap, but I also have a ring sling on the way, so again, trial and error.