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BTC 5106 104-Key PS/2 Keyboard (Beige)?

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15th Mar 2021

It’s a BTC 5106, ps/2 connection, sold and delivered by COMRACE computers, I found it on a romanian website, but I guess youre not Romanian. I found it on some websites like https://www.amazon.ca/BTC-5106-104-Key-Keyboard-Beige/dp/B001UUG9PY , but it’s unavailable. Also, something to mention about the key rollover… as far as I know it can take up to 3 pressed keys, but sometimes it only accepts 2, and when I press W and D + shift, and then release one of them, it wont detect them anymore, and have to quickly “re-press” them. It’s kinda mushy tho, and some of the keys are yellow for no reason, it came like that. Apparently even on the official comrace.ro website, its unavailable. The only website that has it in stock is emag.ro, but again, it only delivers in Romania.

I kept searching before replying to you, but all the websites on the front page say its unavailable, or sold out. Bad luck I guess.