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Brielle 100-Percent Modal from Beech Jersey Knitted Sheet Set, King, Graphite?

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9th Apr 2015


Get these. Trust me. You know that one tshirt you have that is the comfiest, stretchiest, softest thing you own? Imagine a whole bed made of that. I made the switch and now touching regular sheets feels like acid, I actually cannot fall asleep on different sheets now – no exaggeration.


Also memory foam pillows, no need to spend an arm and a leg. I use the fancier target brand, like 35 bucks or so and they are amazing. I top everything off with a nice light weight quilt, target has some super cute ones right now. I’m not into the fancy throw pillows, I much prefer snagging something from http://www.squishable.com/. They are soft, huge and make me happy in a dorky way.

I have some wicked anxiety and depression issues and my bed is my safe place. Being all wrapped up in soft, squishyness makes all the bad stuff fade away.